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Pain Management

What would your life be like if you could manage your pain? Knowing that you could feel better, have control over your life, and be happy again would be incredible. Pain is something that we all tend to live with, but don’t think we can do anything about. By using hypnosis or self-hypnosis you can achieve a pain free life. By managing your pain you have more time for your family, and will feel more like yourself again. Even your friends will notice a difference. Your job may improve as well because you have more focus during the day. You will also notice it is easier to stay at work, rather than having to leave early due to chronic pain.

Pain management with hypnosis is all about offering you relief where you couldn’t find it before. Pain can be mentally devastating. You can’t think clearly, your dexterity is impaired, and you feel totally out of control. While hypnosis cannot solve the physical pain it can help you combat it mentally. The self-hypnosis therapy is something you can do in the privacy of your own home. You do have to be in control of the sessions. You can’t just seek the self-hypnosis therapy when you are in too much pain. Instead you should have a regime.

Managing pain with drugs is certainly an option, but what happens when that begins to fail? By using hypnosis you can perhaps stop taking some of the medications and give your body a rest. Oftentimes doctors give you a medication for one issue, but then offer another to counterbalance side effects. What happens if you can get rid of the drugs altogether, or at least those for side effects? Side effects, like some pain, can be psychosomatic. By using a crutch like drugs you may feel pain that is not always there because you are so used to it being there. You are in other words dependent. When using hypnosis you can learn to differentiate between pain levels, and solve your lesser pains by the therapy technique.

Self-hypnosis is an excellent way to help you with managing pain, but you also have hypnosis through a hypnotist. These hypnosis sessions will include self-hypnosis CD’s. This allows you to follow up at home. You also have a more personalised therapy session. First the hypnotist offers you the personalisation and then they incorporate that into the CD’s they give you. If your hypnotist doesn’t make their own CD’s, you can find others online, or your therapist can suggest the appropriate follow up CD’s.

Managing pain will seem easier with the hypnosis because of the different techniques you are able to use, as well as the results you find.

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