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Sports Mastery

Visualize the greatest golfer in the world. And the greatest hockey player. And the greatest bowler. What do they all have in common? They all use hypnosis. It is a well known fact that Tiger Woods uses hypnosis. And one year, the Philadelphia Flyers used hypnosis to help them win the Stanley Cup. In fact, every single amateur and professional athlete in the world uses hypnosis. They may not call it hypnosis. They usually refer to it as visualization or imagery. But it's still hypnosis!

Whether you’re a golfer who wants more birdies or a hockey player who wants more hat tricks or a bowler who is seeking that ever elusive perfect game, you owe it to yourself to try hypnosis. Here’s how it works: The subconscious mind is very much like a video recorder. It records everything that you see and hear. Under hypnosis, suggestions are given to the subconscious mind to visualize the perfect game. The unconscious mind then retrieves that info and plays it back for you. The hypnotist then breaks down the game and gives suggestions to the areas that need improvement, such as the slap shot in hockey. Continual reinforcement of the suggestions is given until the client can actually visualize the perfect slap shot, back-hand, goal, etc. You may not become another Wayne Gretsky, but you will become a better athlete!

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