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Read What Our Customers Have to Say about Us

Not sure if hypnosis is right for you? Positive Changes Hypnosis has put together a collection of inspiring reviews we have received from our customers over the years. Read their success stories here, and know that you, too, can get past whatever hurdles you are experiencing in your life whether it involves smoking, anxiety, stress, depression, weight control or anything else you may be struggling with. Click for a free consultation today.

  • I Highly Recommend This Program
    "My name is Colin M. For the past 20 years, I have been a smoker and have tried everything to stop: cold turkey, patches, Nicorette, etc. Nothing seemed to stick. After my first session, I felt in control. I felt like a non-smoker. By the time I was a quarter of the way through my treatment, I had faced all of my smoking triggers (smoking co-workers, a weekend in Las Vegas -- smoking capitol of the world, three hour drives), and not only didn't succumb but had no temptation. I feel healthier, food tastes better and no guilt from trying to hide my smoking from family and friends. The program is simple and painless and I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to make a healthy change to their lifestyle." –Colin M.
  • Staff Was Beyond Helpful
    “I had been struggling with insomnia for years and thought I had tried every intervention imaginable, until the thought of hypnotherapy came to me. From the time I called Positive Changes and left a voicemail, the staff was beyond helpful, kind and professional. Within hours of calling, Vinette promptly returned my call and invited me in to meet with her for an introductory session to assess with whom I would best work. From there, she passed me on to Bob, whose calming style, even and relaxing voice, and amazing skill set was able to guide me through my hypnotherapy with ease and comfort to achieve my desired outcome. The staff continued to be attentive and accommodating. After my first session, Vinette placed a courtesy call to ensure that I was pleased with my session and to ask whether I had any questions. The physical space is beautifully decorated in peaceful taste. The rooms are designed for relaxation, with sound machines, blankets, comfy recliners, and trickling water fountains. You can’t help but relax. The accelerated tapes are also helpful. So, although I struggle now and then with a bad night of sleep, I have my hypnotherapy tapes made by Bob, specifically designed for me. I believe more in my ability to sleep and know that I can go for a tune up if I need a confidence booster. I will most definitely be referring my clients for your services.” Thank you, Positive Changes. –Dawn, Clinical Psychologist
  • Less Anxiety, Better Self-Esteem
    "My name is Jeff M. I once battled extreme anxiety that kept me from living a normal, everyday life. Since going to Positive Changes, though, I'm more outgoing and willing to take on new challenges I wouldn't even have dared think about before. Before, I couldn't be independent. I couldn't be myself, the happy go-lucky guy I really am. I couldn't go out in public. My anxiety put a strain on me, my fiancée, my mother and father, my whole family. I was still living with my parents. Believe it or not, I'd just bought a home, but I couldn't even leave my parents' house to live there. I couldn't set foot in the place because I was so nervous and had so much anxiety about living on my own. I tried everything, including doctors and reading books. Then I read about Positive Changes in the paper. I was nervous at first, because I didn't know what to expect. I'd never been hypnotized. I was excited, though, because I'd heard good things about Positive Changes and what hypnosis could accomplish, and the staff made me feel completely comfortable. I saw changes after my very first session. It surprised me, actually. When I left, I felt calmer and more sociable, and I wanted to get out and do things. I noticed even bigger changes after my second session. That's when I noticed I was getting back to my normal self. After that second session, I wanted to get to my new house and start putting things into place. I wanted to spend the night there, which I did! Since then, I've felt more positive about myself, and my self-esteem has been much better. My fiancée says I've done a complete turn-around for the better. My family saw me through the worst, and they're completely amazed by how Positive Changes helped me." –Jeff M.
  • Immediate Results
    “Hi. My name is Lourene. I came to Positive Changes because I knew I was capable of much greater processes in my life. I am self-employed and deal with people every day. I am always meeting new people, attending meetings and doing presentations, yet I never enjoyed doing these things. I was developing a real fear of public speaking. Sometimes I would cancel an appointment because I did not feel comfortable doing it. I knew I had to do something to end the self-sabotage. I had heard about Positive Changes Hypnosis on several occasions. Some friends of mine had gone there and were very impressed with the service and results they had. I must say that I too was impressed right off the bat. My consultant, Vinnette, was very understanding and patient. She took the time to listen to my concerns. She then explained how hypnosis could help me and what I could expect. I signed up and could hardly wait to get started. I was very surprised at the immediate results. I did a presentation the next day and I was amazed to see how much better I felt and how well it all went. It has been a year since that first visit and each day that passes has gotten better. I am now in full control of all aspects of my life. My business is flourishing. I am confident and more emotionally balanced. I owe it all to the wonderful staff at Positive Changes Hypnosis. They helped me to tap into my own power and to be the best I can be. I feel that I now have the tools to continue helping myself. Learning self-hypnosis through my program has been a valuable asset. I recommend Positive Changes Hypnosis to people all the time. These people are committed to helping others and they take their work very seriously. If you have issues, bad habits, and behaviours, chances are they can help you. I urge you to call them and go in for the free consultation. It was an eye opener for me. It might also be for you. Their fees are reasonable and the service is outstanding. Honestly, I think what I got from the program was worth at least 10 times what I paid.” –Lourene S.
  • Kicked My Smoking Habit And Shed 49 Lbs.
    "My name is Rudd M. I'm 64 and married, and I have 5 kids and 8 grandkids. I work for the Air Force. When I was diagnosed with diabetes, my doctor told me I needed to stop smoking or I was going to die an early death. I could think of nothing worse, but I didn't know what to do. I'd already tried everything, or so I thought. Then I found Positive Changes and kicked my smoking habit and shed 49 lbs. in 3 months. I like Positive Changes because the staff is so supportive. The program was tailored to meet my needs and my schedule, and I received reinforcement whenever I needed it. My doctor is very proud of me. My blood sugar has returned to normal. My wife is happy. Her health has improved because she's no longer around my second-hand smoke. She now tells me I'm a keeper! My grandchildren are overjoyed that I finally stopped smoking. They know I am going to be around for them, and I'm glad I'm setting a good example. I also smell better. I can't understand why I ever smoked at all. It's all thanks to Positive Changes. I'd smoked at least two cartons of cigarettes a week for 44 years. I also smoked constantly. I couldn't wait to get out of meetings or go outside so I could smoke. I went out Wednesday and Friday nights drinking and smoking. My body was deteriorating. It started taking longer to heal from injuries. I wondered how long it was going to take my lungs to heal from the damage I inflicted on them. My wife kept telling me the smoking was sickening to her. My children told me the same thing. I knew I was killing myself, but I couldn't stop. I'd tried to stop smoking before. I did the patch, but that only lasted about a week. I stopped cold turkey. I managed that for a few days. None of those methods gave me permanent results. Finally I saw the advertisement for Positive Changes. I was skeptical at first, but from the time I met my hypnotist to today, I thank Positive Changes for saving my life! In the past, when I walked out a door, I'd reach into my pocket and light up a cigarette. After my first session of hypnosis, I didn't do that. I'd made an agreement with my hypnotist that I was going to be smoke-free and I intended to keep it. After my second session, I knew something was different. I felt great! Hypnosis is relaxing, and the time passes before you know it. My physical abilities have quadrupled. I can walk with my wife, I sleep better at night and I no longer get so tired during the day. I no longer have nasal problems or headaches. The number one benefit I received from my program is my improved disposition. I pay more attention to other people and what they need. I'm a better manager of my employees. Another benefit I received from Positive Changes is the stress management that comes from hypnosis. I once substituted smoking for stress, but now I apply the techniques I learned at Positive Changes to every area of my life. It's been unbelievable. If anything is bothering me, I use hypnosis to work it out. I retire next year. This is my life and it is going to be a good life for my wife and me. We want to do things together that I wouldn't be able to do as an overweight smoker. I just built a brand new house. I look forward to exercising with my wife and working in the yard together. We're even talking about buying some bicycles so we can ride around together. I know I'll be a non-smoker for life. Positive Changes and I are a team, and I won't let my team down. Right now, there are two main killers in the United States. One of them is smoking. If you smoke, you're going to die young. The second is obesity. Positive Changes can help you fix both of these problems. I know because I've been there and done that. The staff is there to help you. They'll help you reach your goals like they helped me. Don't wait for smoking or overweight to end your life early. I love Positive Changes Hypnosis and so will you!” –Rudd M.
  • Full Of Self-Confidence And Energy
    "Hi. My name is Meegan V. I live with my husband and 2 children. I was a pack-a-day smoker for 16 years and an overweight smoker for 8 long years. I was miserable. Then, thanks to Positive Changes, I lost 43 lbs. in 4 months and I'm smoke-free. I couldn't be happier! Being in control of my life is a dream come true. I'm a new person, full of self-confidence and energy. " From the moment I walked in, I saw the center was professional, something like a doctor's office, but more relaxing. The fee for the program was reasonable. In fact, Positive Changes was the smartest investment I could make. Between quitting smoking and not eating junk food, I save almost $300 a month. I wouldn't trade what I have for a million dollars. Even though I made these changes myself, I'd never have done it without the help of Positive Changes. My health has so improved that my doctor was shocked when he saw me. He tells me I'm the picture of health. My cholesterol is normal and so is my blood pressure. I sleep better at night. Making these changes in my life is priceless! There was a time I didn't know what it was like to drive a car without smoking. I tried every gimmick on the market to quit. Nothing worked. I was overweight ever since I had my first child. I tried to lose weight through dieting and exercise, but I'd fall off the weight-loss wagon and go back to eating junk food before I could lose any weight. I felt out of control. No doubt about it, I was headed down the path of obesity. A friend told me about Positive Changes Hypnosis. I was still skeptical of hypnosis. I didn't really believe anything would happen. My friend convinced me to find out for myself. Then, 9 hours after my first session, I realized I hadn't thought about cigarettes. If they hadn't fallen out of my jacket pocket, I probably wouldn't have remembered them. I was a non-smoker after my first session. Losing weight with hypnosis was far easier than counting calories or starving myself. My behaviours changed and my weight came off. I went from an obese 18 to a slender 10. I far exceeded my goal of losing 25 lbs. Hypnosis made it easy to choose healthy foods and motivated me to exercise. I enjoy eating healthy food more than I ever enjoyed junk food, and I eat less and enjoy the taste of food more. When I was overweight and smoking, exercise was out of the question. I didn't have the energy. Now my energy lasts all day. I'm in shape and feel great. There was a time in my life when I smoked and overate to procrastinate. Now I get things done. I no longer start projects and put them off for later. I'm so proud of myself! I never pictured myself as a person who could achieve her goals, but Positive Changes gave me the ability to lose weight and keep it off forever. If you're thinking of joining Positive Changes, get there as soon as you can. Don't wait! The minute you start is your new beginning." –Meegan V.
  • Best Program You Could Ever Join
    "My name is J. C. F. and I'm a hair designer. I was overweight for years. I was to the point where I just wasn't happy with how I was feeling. I tried everything throughout my life, just to lose a couple of pounds. But you know what? Every program I was on failed to do one thing: changing my relationship with food. Hypnosis has done that for me. I still like the taste of food, but I no longer need it as a diversion. Because of those changes I made with Positive Changes, I lost 95 lbs. and 15 inches in 16 months. I feel good! My doctor is so impressed; he's recommended Positive Changes to some of his other patients. I'm ecstatic about this investment. There's no price on health, but this is the best and the cheapest program you could ever join. " I was overweight for close to 20 years. I felt out of control toward the end, and that's when I realized I needed to do something important for myself. My back, knees and feet were killing me. I think little things like that accumulate in your life. Finally, one day, they stare you in the face, and you look back and say, “You gotta do something.” As I said, I tried everything. I tried the point system. I did the shakes and bars, but I thought they were horrible. I also knew it wasn't good for me. I was driving to work one morning and heard about Positive Changes on the radio. I thought, "Oh, I gotta remember this phone number." Of course, by the time I got to work, I couldn't remember the phone number! Fortunately, I heard it on the radio again the next day, and I called as soon as I got to work. The center was very professional and the people were delightful. I wasn't skeptical, even at first. I'd read about hypnosis and how it's used in operating rooms and many other areas in people's lives. I really didn't care about the cost, because I was ready for a change. If you do the math, though, how much you want to lose, the cost of the program, the time you'll be in the program -- it's so reasonable, it's almost unbelievable. Where else can you go for that? You don't have to buy any extra food, you don't have to buy food that tastes horrible, and you don't go to those "rah-rah" meetings that actually do nothing for you in the long run. Positive Changes doesn't tell you not to eat anything. How simple can it be? Besides, there is really no price you should put on your health or on a happy life. My changes started slowly and progressively. Within the first week, I noticed I wasn't having the extra couple of bites I usually had. Then, in the next couple weeks, I noticed some of my cravings were going down. My weight loss really kicked in full-force after the first month. My personal hypnosis sessions were the frosting on the cake, no pun intended. They helped me cut out cravings, binges and other poor eating habits. I now buy high-quality food and vegetables, because I feel that's what my body deserves. I know what I put into my body now is what's going to give me the nutrition that will carry me into my old age, and I want to be a healthy older person. I also exercise now. I love walking, so I walk once or twice a week and combine that with a little bit of weight lifting and water aerobics twice a week, and I have a nice, well-rounded program. I'm very contented with it. I no longer think about being in control. That's the whole beauty of this program. I don't have to think about it. I get up and enjoy what I want for breakfast and, when I'm full, I stop. I do the same thing at lunch and dinner. My weight never kept me from doing anything I wanted to do, but you know what? Everything's easier now. It's easier to walk upstairs. It's easier to walk up a hill. It's even easier to sit at a table in a restaurant. I can sit in a booth instead of a table. I couldn't get into a booth before because it was too tight. My back and feet no longer hurt, and my knees are much better. What more could I want? I went in for a physical about a year into my program. Of course, my doctor said, “You look good!” When I was overweight, my triglycerides were like 271, which is really bad. When I went in for my physical, my triglycerides had dropped down to 71! The nurse said, “What medication are you on?” I said, “I'm on nothing.” She said, “Your triglycerides are 71 and you're not taking anything?” I said, “Yeah.” They were so impressed, the nurse called me later to get the name of Positive Changes, because the doctor wanted to send a patient there. My family thinks my weight loss is great. Friends think it's great. The funniest is when people say, “Now, don't get too thin.” I get tons of compliments, especially at work. I like my improved appearance. I'm buying new clothes, and that's a lot of fun. I used to be at this weight, and I'm really glad to be back here again. Like I said, losing weight makes things easy. That's a really great joy in life, because nowadays everything is stressful, everything seems difficult. To take one little thing and take that pressure off of you, it's a really nice relief. I'm "whoop-de-doo" happy! Most other programs were quick fix programs on the surface, but they didn't affect my subconscious and weren't integrated into my lifestyle. These changes have become an integral part of my life. I don't eat the way I used to eat, nor do I want to. The biggest benefit I got from Positive Changes was positive changes! There's no question I'd tell others about this program. I have already. It's an easy, simple, wonderful, nutritious program that anyone can follow and be really happy. And one of the major reasons I tell people about Positive Changes is everyone sees me and asks “What are you doing?” I have to tell them. I'm very happy with my program. It's given me great results. If you're ready to lose weight, all you have to do is allow the hypnosis to work. If you do that, you'll have success. Hypnosis is exceedingly safe, because it can't make you do anything you wouldn't do yourself. How much safer could it be? If you're thinking about going to Positive Changes, look at me! I'm proof it works. And that's what you want. Everyone wants results and, with Positive Changes, you'll have results." –J. Csaba F.
  • Thrilled With The Results
    "Although my weight loss -- twenty pounds -- may not be as dramatic as that of other Positive Changes Hypnosis clients, I am as thrilled with the results as if I would have lost 200 pounds. In fact, if I waited any longer to enroll in the PCH program, I would have had to take off 200 pounds, because my weight was increasing with each passing year. At first the gains were so gradual that I hardly noticed them -- and became accustomed to five or ten extra pounds here and there - but when I put on eight pounds in a single year, and was approaching 150, I knew it was time to take action. I certainly wasn’t obese, but I was no longer slim and trim. My dress size had increased from eight to twelve, and what’s worse, I looked shapeless and stout. I had every reason to expect that I would continue to gain weight, unless I made a deliberate effort to reverse the situation. When I began my PCH program, I knew that I would lose weight, but I didn’t begin to anticipate how much weight I could lose and how easily. Although I claimed to want to reduce to 135 pounds, I secretly would have been satisfied to see 140 again. Staff encouraged me to set my goal at my ideal weight and I’m glad that I did, because I achieved it. I never felt as if I was on a diet -- a good thing because my hobby is cooking and my second favorite thing to do is try out new restaurants -- and never felt deprived. The only discipline required of me was to keep my PCH appointments -- which I was glad to do, because I felt so good afterwards -- and to listen to my recorded tapes. Today I weigh 128 pounds, exactly what I weighed on my wedding day 19 years ago. I never expected to be able to return to that weight, and had forgotten how much better I look and feel without the excess pounds. So if you think twenty pounds of overweight is too insignificant to worry about, here’s my advice: lift a twenty pound weight, and then, when you comprehend the magnitude of the unwelcome burden you’re carrying, call Positive Changes Hypnosis. Because of my previous experiences with hypnosis, I came to Positive Changes Hypnosis with every expectation that it would be simple, safe and effective way to lose the extra pounds, which I had been gradually gaining since my fortieth birthday. At age 52, my height 5’5 and ½” and my weight approaching 150 pounds, I knew it was time to address the situation before I would be considered seriously overweight. I have not been disappointed. In fact, I am thrilled! Because I love to cook, adore restaurants, and have rarely met a food I didn’t like, I had become a very uncommitted dieter. The effect of PCH has been to sharpen and strengthen my resolve to lose weight without being on any specific diet at all. I have already lost twelve pounds, with no sense of deprivation. In fact, I continue to eat all the foods I like - although some things don’t look quite as good to me any more - I simply eat less of them than I had been in the habit of doing. I walk regularly, have dusted off my stationery bicycle, and with the cold weather approaching, am looking forward to joining a health club. I feel great when I get dressed in clothes that had become much too snug, and I’ve celebrated by buying a few new things in a size I haven’t worn in years. In the place of a stout matron, a slender, active woman is reappearing. A few more pounds and I may try to find work as a “mature” model. I haven’t really tried to understand how or why hypnosis works, but I can identify some aspects of PCH which have helped me to stick with the program. First and foremost, the upfront payment in full for all services means that I can attend as many sessions as I need to without considering the cost of whether I should spend the money on two pounds of really good chocolate. Secondly, the location of the facilities, in a small free-standing building on a quiet street with plenty of parking, makes it easy and pleasant for me to work my way through a busy lobby and up a crowded elevator, and I don’t feel self-conscious about dressing informally -- some of my new clothes are slim-fitting jeans, and I’m very fond of them. Finally, the staff is not only professional, they are also very nice people, who obviously enjoy what they’re doing and share their clients’ pleasure in their successes. I’m looking forward to achieving my weight loss goal and remaining slender for years to come.” –Marina C.
  • Bad Eating Habits Have Disappeared
    "This is without a doubt the easiest weight loss I have ever experienced. The weight seems to go without all the feelings of being deprived. Habits of a lifetime have disappeared; snacking between meals, eating fast, and desserts do not happen now. The quantity of food consumed has decreased very little, but the quality of food has improved. As they say, “You are what you eat.” And eating a balanced diet has certainly made a lot of difference to me. Friends have asked me what has made all the changes in my self-esteem and confidence; I can only say Positive Changes. All of this seems to come in one package. I have always been, in my opinion, “second best,” but not anymore! I now take a great deal of pride in how I look and feel. Everyone says I’m like a completely different person. Not only have I lost weight but I have a very positive attitude to everything. A while ago, I hit a plateau. I didn’t lose a pound for about 5 weeks, but I lost about an inch and a half all the way down, so the dress sizes are still decreasing. 3X and sometimes 4X were the norm for me before Positive Changes. Now, depending on the manufacturer, I can wear either L or M, and hope to go down even more. To date I have lost 80 pounds and I am now losing approximately one pound every week and a half. I feel that exercise, along with my weight loss, has truly made me feel and look much better. Joining Positive Changes Hypnosis has been the best decision I could have made!” –Jean S.
  • So Much More Than I Expected
    My Name is Kevin H., and I'm a mortgage broker. I went to Positive Changes for help with my business. People always saw me as a positive person, as someone who had their goals in order, but I knew there were things I needed to work on to get where I really want to be. Positive Changes not only helped me in my business, it also helped me in my entire life -- mentally, physically, and emotionally. I'm a lot more organized. I'm realizing my goals, and I'm well on my way toward achieving the things I want to achieve with my work. My company is flourishing. I've even started another company, and I've already got a slew of orders coming in. When I started, I was expecting to walk in the door and be hypnotized, and have everything change automatically. It didn't happen that way, but the whole process was very easy. I started noticing results 3 to 4 weeks after I started my program. The first change I noticed was that I was more aware of myself and of my abilities. I realized I needed to tap into and maximize those abilities. Hypnosis actually gave me so much more than I expected. For one, it allowed me to discover the things that were keeping me from succeeding beyond a certain point. It helped me put my past in perspective, and allowed me to put my entire life on the right track for the future. I'm a lot more productive at work. Not only am I handling everything, I’m doing it with relative ease! There were actually many changes as a result of hypnosis. I work out more, so my health has greatly increased. During the 10 weeks I was in the program, I lost over 15 lbs. I'm sleeping better, too. I was never one of those people who could wake up at two or three in the morning and go right back to sleep. If something happened to wake me, I'd be up for two or three hours. Now, I sleep soundly and feel refreshed in the morning. I'd recommend this program to others without a doubt. Positive Changes will help anyone who needs to make a breakthrough in their life." –Kevin H.
  • It Turned My Life Around
    "Picture this: You are 47 years old, not happy with where you are in life, knowing deep down inside that you have what it takes to make it. But something inside you is holding you back, and you cannot explain it. What do you do? What I did was Positive Changes. This was the best call I ever made in my life. It has turned my life around to the point that I feel stronger inside and my confidence is second to none. I am not afraid of doing what I should have been doing long ago and with Positive Changes, it seems like now I have been doing this all my life. Each day is better than the last one. I am happier and I see my goals and know that I will achieve them. Without Positive Changes, I know this would have not happened. I would like to thank Richard for giving me the key for a better life, as Richard has unlocked the passion inside of me and for this I will always be grateful to him and the staff at Positive Changes. Thank you again for the positive changes in my life, and I hope for anyone who is experiencing life's difficulties that they read the brochure and know that it works." –Frank H.
  • I No Longer Bite My Nails
    “My name is Leona R. and I'm a professional office worker. I went to Positive Changes to stop my embarrassing nail-biting habit. I like going to Positive Changes because I've met many great people there. Thanks to them, I no longer bite my nails. For the first time in my life, I'm able to get manicures! Before going to Positive Changes, I had people tell me the only way to stop biting my nails was to stick my hands into some nasty-tasting stuff. When that didn't work, I bought some bad-tasting nail polish. Then I got used to the terrible taste and started biting my nails again! I first heard about Positive Changes through my friends and then saw the ad in the newspaper. I decided to give it a try.” –Leona R.
  • Less Stressed, More Motivated
    "My name is Jerry P. I went to Positive Changes to play better golf. I chose Positive Changes Hypno-Golf because I'd successfully lost weight with them a few years before. Because of my experience with them, I knew hypnosis was absolutely safe, and I knew it could work. The hypnosis processes and video swing lessons with the golf pro helped me key in on certain aspects of my game. I was able to improve with less effort than I was putting in before. I didn't spend hours on the driving range, yet my handicap went from 27 to 19 in just 3 months. I've been playing golf for 20 years, and my handicap had been below 20 only once. It's been over 20 for the last 5 years. I expected to see changes a couple of months after I started the golf program, but I noticed improvement immediately after my first session. I began shooting golf in the 80s instead of the 90s or 100s. My golf play is much improved overall. Three-putting is now an occasional thing instead of a common thing. I'm hitting more greens in regulation than ever before. I've played in a match play tournament for the last 5 years. I always used to be eliminated in the first round, but this year I progressed to the semi-finals. Finally, I was the one beating the other guys! I know the success I've had this season is because of Positive Changes. I've learned to relax on the golf course and visualize good shots. When I listen to my hypnosis processes, I find myself less stressed and more motivated. My energy level is up and my mental attitude has improved. My wife even says I'm less grouchy. Each round of golf I play now, I play with more confidence, feeling I have a chance to play well and have a record round. Most importantly, golf is fun again! I'd strongly recommend Positive Changes Hypno-Golf to others. In fact, I already have." –Jerry P.
  • Worth Every Penny
    "I am a caregiver. One of the things I enjoy doing most is reading. I love to read to people. I also do it in my spare time. However, I was finding it more and more difficult to focus. I could not read more than one page at a time. I would doze off or lose my concentration. I had seen Vinnette on TV as a guest on Riley Live. She had talked about how hypnosis can help people. Many other people had called into the show to say they had been successful with hypnosis. I decided to call for the free consultation to find out if they could help me to regain my focus and improve my memory and concentration. I signed up immediately and I have not had one, single regret. I saw changes after my very first session and subsequent sessions. I can now sit and read for long periods of time. My memory has improved and my focus is much better. I have signed up for some courses and I am enjoying learning and exploring new things again. I am very impressed with the staff at Positive Changes Hypnosis. They have helped me in so many ways. Everyone is very considerate and they really care. I urge you to call them and ask for the free consultation. I feel their fee is reasonable and worth every penny I paid for my program." –Tina E.
  • Miraculous Results With My Depression
    “Dear Richard and staff, I have just completed my final session that you recommended I take to help me manage the deep depression and anxiety that I have suffered with for many years. I am so happy to tell you how much your hypnosis therapy sessions have helped me overcome a major depression in only 12 weeks. This is miraculous, as I have suffered for so long and medication alone did not help; however, in combination with the therapy I am now back doing all the things I love -- fixing things, walking, looking forward to summer and camping, having friends over and I have even dusted off my roller blades. My wife is delighted to have the 'Old Frank' back, and we are looking forward to driving to Arizona in the fall to visit a new grandchild, something I never thought I would be able to do again. It took a lot of courage for me to open the door of your consultation room on York Mills Road, and I almost changed my mind. However, thanks to the friendly atmosphere and smiling faces I encountered there, I was soon feeling very much at home. I want to say thank you to all of you for giving me back my life and also for teaching me that there is a way to manage a very major depression that is not humiliating, painful or at all dangerous. Thank you so much for everything you did for me." –Frank M.
  • So Satisfied With Results
    “My name is Babette H. My relationship with food used to be completely out of control. I needed help. Then I called Positive Changes and shed 43 lbs. in 11 quick months. I'm healthier and in better shape than I've ever been in my life. I recently ran a marathon. I'd never run before in my life. I didn't break any records, but I was so proud of myself when I crossed the finish line! If you'd asked me before Positive Changes if I'd be healthy, happy and thin through hypnosis, I never would have thought it could really happen -- but it did. I was overweight and it was no wonder. I never stopped eating from the time I got up until I went to bed. I tried more than one of the national diet chains, but the weight came back on with more. I tried over-the-counter diet pills, which are supposed to be taken on an empty stomach. That was when I realized I never had an empty stomach! With everything I tried, as soon as I quit the program, I'd put the weight back on. I first learned about Positive Changes on the radio and decided to check it out. I'd tried everything else, so why not hypnosis? I was skeptical, but hopeful. I liked that I didn't have to buy special food, vitamins, or pills. I didn't have to cook separate meals for myself, count calories or fat grams, or go hungry. I also found out being hypnotized was fun. The program sounded so good and the fee was so reasonable, I had to sign up. I completed my program over a year and a half ago and I haven't gained back an ounce. I'm so satisfied with my results! I couldn't be happier and my husband and kids think it's great. Now that I've lost my weight with hypnosis, I know I'll never gain it back. If you're considering coming to Positive Changes, don't waste another second being overweight. You don't have anything to lose but the pounds!" –Babette H.
  • Hypnosis Changed My Eating Habits
    Hi, my name is Emily B. After giving birth to my third child, I became content with life. We frequently ate out. I ate when the kids ate and constantly snacked between meals. My complacency caused me to gain a staggering amount of weight in a short period of time. I tried to lose weight with an array of weight-loss fads and diets. I'd deprive myself and pray it would make a difference. It didn't. I'd end up bingeing on chocolate or snacks. Each time, I'd gain back my weight faster than I lost it. Then one day, I heard about Positive Changes on the radio, and my life changed forever. They said I could come in for a free evaluation. I approached Positive Changes with skepticism, but I was in for a pleasant surprise. My evaluation was relaxing and fun. When I considered how much money I'd wasted on diets and pills that didn't deliver, I decided Positive Changes made good sense. I signed up and lost 61 lbs.! My dress size went from a tight 16 to a slender size 6. Losing weight with hypnosis was easier than I ever dreamed possible -- far easier than diets and pills! There were many times I didn't even think about my weight, but I was still losing, and I never felt deprived. I'm 100% satisfied with my results. I know I'll never gain my weight back. I've already kept it off for over 3 years, and I don't even think about it. Hypnosis has changed my eating habits and there's no way I'd go back. Hypnosis has given me control. I eat less and enjoy it more. I'd recommend Positive Changes to anyone who wants to lose weight -- and I do recommend the program all the time. Why go on a diet when losing weight can be this easy?” –Emily B.
  • My Whole Life Has Changed!
    "Hi, my name is Joey T. I live in East York. On a whim, with some trepidation, but perhaps more out of curiosity, I stopped in at the Positive Changes Hypnosis Center on October 19th, 2000, to make inquiries about weight loss. Now you've got to appreciate, I approached this idea or notion of hypnotism with a sense of disbelief, skepticism and also, as a last resort. Up to now, I had been on numerous diets and exercise programs, where I succeeded up to a point but failed again and again because these methods were temporary, not something I could do for the rest of my life. " I was overweight at 177 lbs., my clothes were tight and my jeans size had increased again in the last year. I hated looking at myself in the mirror and hated looking at any photographs of me, which inevitably depicted me with fat, round cheekbones. In as much as food was concerned, I was indulging in everything I fancied, including chocolate bars, donuts, hamburgers, milkshakes, cakes, tons of ice cream, and topping off my dinners with several peanut butter and jam sandwiches, to "round out the meal." I spent an awful lot of money on food, mostly junk food. Since the first personal hypnotic session, it seems my whole life has changed. After any hypnotic session, I virtually floated out of the clinic. Floated on the sidewalk, feeling absolute, inexplicable joy. And very relaxed. Under hypnosis, I was alert, aware, involved and participative during the sessions. One of the first obvious signs that something had changed was upon driving home with a sense of calm, tranquility and good will. Goodbye, road rage. I noted an increase in my interest about the food I was eating and preparing. While in the last few years, I did an awful lot of eating out in restaurants and fast-food places for breakfast, lunch and dinner, and now here I am purchasing vegetables, fruit and good food, preparing it at home and dining on it at home. I was suddenly more interested in chewing on raw vegetables and eating a variety of fruits throughout the day and enjoying it. Another benefit that resulted from my hypnosis is that I now sleep up to 8 hours every night whereas before, I would sleep four or five hours and perhaps snooze in the afternoon, in between eating binges. Now I awake refreshed and alive and the only time during the day that I would consider lying down is to hear the tapes provided for me, after a personal session. The most important benefit that came out of just one session and subsequent sessions is the immediate weight loss. I was quite unprepared for this. It seems that as days went by, I could see delightful changes on the scale, almost on a daily basis, causing me to dance off the scale, whooping it up with excitement. A miracle! What a wonderful thing to happen. Then gradually, the belt was tightened to the next level, and the next, until I have now reached the end. The clothes appeared to become too baggy and big and eventually, while shopping for clothes but trying them on first, discovering I had gone from a MEDIUM to a SMALL size, my pants from a size 34 to 30. Throughout the first weeks, despite the considerable weight loss, I was astonished that I didn't look like someone that lost so much weight, you know, that drawn, pained, sallow look on the face that usually accompanies a "diet"? Instead, my reflection indicated more like someone alive, healthy, strong, and happy, with good skin colouring and sparkling eyes. I love myself now. I feel on top of the world. I have learned to fuel and energize my body with the right foods and beverages, in the right amounts, at the right times. Through hypnosis, I learned to tap into my inner resources, so that I do not have to consciously monitor everything I consume. By not being on any "diet”, and instead consuming the right foods, in the right amounts, at the right time, I don't have to get off any "diet.” There are no calorie counting, pills, negative side effects, or starvation. I have learned to make better choices because I want to, not because I have to. I am able to use my imagination rather than willpower. There is nothing that prevents me from eating anything -- if I so choose. Nothing to stop me from overeating -- if I wanted to. Nothing to stop me from eating junk food -- if I were so inclined. It simply doesn't appeal to me. I'm not "in the mood" to revert back to my former lifestyle; it just isn't my value system now. I feel that I want to go on from here, only eat until satisfied, and eat food that is lush, alive and good. This way, losing weight is permanent -- for the rest of my life, this is something that even I can manage. There is no guilt associated with eating more, no pressure, no sense of failing. It isn't a diet. I don't think about food or the next meal constantly because other things happening in my life throughout the day are more important. Food is no longer an obsession. What I do feel is a sense of joy, a more positive outlook and an interest in everything going on with me and around me. I now have more pep, energy and feel so much more alive. All cravings have disappeared. I find now that I'm eating less and enjoying it more. The program is definitely beneficial and a must for anyone seeking to better themselves and stand out from the crowd. Today I weigh 147 lbs and I feel great! Hypnosis offers so much and is so ideal for those people constantly on the go. For me, on the weight loss program, it definitely reaffirms the old adage: "Eat to live not live to eat." I urge you to call PCH now. The staff is very professional and helpful and the clinic is beautiful, warm, and comfortable. If I had one regret–I wish that I had done this, years ago. Update: After four years, my weight is still maintaining at 136 lbs. Meanwhile, having received my certification as a hypnotist, I am now helping clients at the Positive Changes Hypnosis Center in Scarborough." –Joey T.
  • Thank You, Positive Changes
    "Yippee!! I made it!!! I actually lost 20 lbs and all because I saw an ad in the Metro paper for Positive Changes, concerning hypnosis. After years of yo-yo dieting, I have conquered my bad habits and now fit nicely into a size 8. I feel this is a huge accomplishment for someone who is 71 years old. I must say that I have always been distrustful of hypnosis and never believed in it. However, I did not know anything about it. Because I was so desperate, I felt this was my last resort. I’ve tried everything else over my lifetime, which had consisted of shots, diet pills, and liquids, and so on. I suffered with all of them, and in a matter of six months, the weight returned and even more. Dieting is no good. Hypnosis encourages one to eat properly and one never feels hungry. All cravings are gone. I exercise almost every day, not because I have to, but because I am motivated and enjoy it. I love my new thin figure (size 8), and I’m full of energy. The management at Positive Changes are extremely considerate, sympathetic and very helpful, and I know that my success came so easily because of their attitude. I go for re-enforcement whenever I want; now that I am a graduate, and I feel very welcome. Before I complete this unsolicited article, I must mention another benefit from learning self-hypnosis through my program. My problem was not being able to sleep nights without taking sleeping pills. During the process of hypnosis, one learns to relax; so much so, that now I am able to fall asleep in the most comfortable relaxed state without medication. I could go on and on praising the qualities and benefits of hypnosis and Positive Changes. If you want to be happy and proud of yourself, come into Positive Changes. If this were a religion -- I’d convert!!! Thank you dear God and Positive Changes!!!" –Audrey B.

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